Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nude Beach Olympics

Looks like the classic "Eat a Watermelon while running" event at the Nude Beach Olympics. From

Running while eating a watermelon just doesn't seem safe... But these are professional nude beach olympians...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sandy Hook / Gunnison Beach

Okay, enough distractions!! And back to our original mission to post great nude beach photo's in the blog!!!

These pictures were taken at Gunnison Beach in New Jersey. They're part of a massive 100 image gallery at .

This mature nudist woman shows us that hotness has no expiry date (although the best before year is probably 35)

FRONT: Two New Jersey nudists walking along the beach. BACK: Eight nudists (and the wizard) swimming in the bay at Sandy Hook. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nudism at Heliomonde

Wow, this is an old one but a good one! These pictures were taken in 2003 at Heliomonde Resort, St. Cheron, Ile-De-France, France. Part of a bigger 28 image photo gallery at .

Heliomonde is a French word meaning: nudist colony in the woods inhabited by attractive twenty-something women.

French naturists walking back to their rooms after a swim in the pool at Heliomonde Nudist Resort.

Naked women in and around the pool at Heliomonde Nudist Resort.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

World Naked Bike Ride London

Okay so these pictures aren't from a beach, but there is nude in them!! And they are photos!! That covers two out of three of the reasons for this blog. :)

I couldn't resist straying off topic a little bit and showing these pictures. I came across them this morning when I was trying to choose a free gallery for Cocco Lite. There's no beach here, but how could I say no to two hot women who painted their bodies gold? That's like pure lady villains out of a James Bond movie, and they're in the right country for that too.

Someone call James Bond!! The gold bodypainted villainesses are getting away on their bikes!!!

A cute brunette with a great chest, who looks like she's never done this before, she looks like no matter how drunk she got she would never enter a wet t-shirt contest.


And why is my spell checker saying that "villainesses" is not a word? That's totally a word, even the Google says it's used over 20,000 times on other websites. What a stupid spell checker, watch next it'll be telling me that "badunkadunk" isn't a word.

Friday, September 10, 2010

National Go Topless Protest Day 2009 in New York's Central Park

This is how ALL protests should be, with attractive women going topless or fully nude (just like the world naked bike rides).

Anyway, these topless fairy women visited Central Park to remind human women that they've got to fight for their right to bare breasts. Their website ( has schedules for topless protests in NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK. VENICE BEACH, CALIFORNIA. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA. AUSTIN, TEXAS. SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. OAHU, HAWAII. DENVER, COLORADO. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. Although it doesn't really have any pictures. An search for topless fairy women doesn't do much better, the search results there are so bad, if I had any google stock I'd consider selling it. :)

Those two pictures are from this gallery.

"Free your mind! Free your breasts! Free your mind! Free your breasts!!" There's also a 2 minute video clip of the event at . Wow that video makes me want to join the Raelians. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

South Beach Camel Toe

I feel like Christmas came early in these pictures from Miami South Beach, Miami, Florida, United States. Or maybe they're just unopened presents from 2009. :)

I don't care about the topless woman on the right, but check out her friend's camel toe on the left!! If only show would go topless too and show her face...

AND SHE DOES!! Gotta get rid of those tan lines I guess.

Pictures from Grinder - Miami South Beach 2009 #21 and #23 of 100.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Nude Beach Abs of Steel

Is this nudist trying to get rid of her tan lines? Or is she doing a sit up?

And what's more amazing than her abs is that she also has nice natural looking breasts. Up until now I've only seen skinny flat chested women with abs like those, somebody call the pope!! It's a miracle!!!!

Photo 9 of 10 from
taken at Vama Veche Beach, Vama Veche , Romania